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Li-San Ting

General Details

PhD (Music) pending, GradDipMus, BA, AMusA, CMusA, MMTA

Piano teacher, Li-San Ting became interested in the We Hear and Play method after reading about the early 20th century pedagogue, Evelyn Fletcher-Copp. Fletcher-Copp’s approach to teaching children completely revolutionised piano teaching for young children by taking away the drudgery of learning. She achieved this through the invention of games and fun devices that helped children to visualise musical concepts and to develop a keen and accurate ear for music. Children attain perfect pitch, although this is not the ultimate goal.

The purpose of her teaching was to help children put their feelings into music, and to understand music as well as their native language. Children learn to transpose music, improvise and compose music, just as they would be expected to be able to write a short story or write a speech at school. The young students learn in groups to foster independent thinking, problem solving ability, team work, a friendly competitive spirit and listening skills. We Hear and Play is based upon the same philosophical ideas as the Fletcher-Copp method; however, the approach of We Hear and Play is more appropriately geared towards the very young, and was created by N. and R. Taneda (translated into English by Christopher Aruffo).

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