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MaryRose Harrison

General Details

Armonia Music Academy was founded by MaryRose Harrison and is located in the Macedon Ranges area of Victoria.

MaryRose is a graduate of both Monash and Melbourne Universities, having completed a Post Graduate Certificate in Music Education and a Bachelor of Music with Honours. She completed majors in Ethnomusicology and World Music, with a particular interest in the ancient singing tradition of the Maltese community, Spirtu Pront.
Her love for music came into fruition during her tenure at the Malta-Gozo City of Brimbank Philharmonic Band whilst performing brass, her last 3 years of which were in the role of assistant conductor.

MaryRose has been a professional music educator for 10 years, with a special interest in World Music and children with special learning needs.

Armonia Music Academy aims to offer music education and insight to those who have a love (or need) for music. Armonia Music Academy also aims to create enjoyable, informed, and skilled musical experiences for people of any age, so that they may appreciate, and come closer to understanding any music they may encounter throughout their lives.

Learning music is not just about music, but about everything that surrounds music and the music making process; music education is about the education of the whole person.

These details were last updated on July 12, 2009