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Matt Bo Jiang

General Details

Bachelor of Music Education

Piano Lessons for Beginners and Intermediate Students:
I provide effective, enjoyable and practical lessons. If you wish to achieve more than traditional reading and playing skills, I will work with you on improvisation and aural skills, which mean you will also learn how to edit, arrange and create pieces. Upon my students’ requests, I have arranged and edited many popular songs to suit their skill level and interests.

Piano Lessons for AMEB Students, Competitions and Auditions:
Registered with AMEB, I specialise in AMEB music exams in all grades, and I have extensive experience in assisting and developing finger techniques, and musical interpretation techniques. I also arrange mock exams and formal assessments. Providing these opportunities allows my students to motivate themselves, confront and address their areas of weakness and reduce excessive performance anxiety prior to AMEB exams, concerts or auditions.

Additionally, as a composer, I have written and arranged numerous pieces aimed at improving finger techniques from a musical approach, which helps my students progress to higher levels, as well as developing musicality. My most recent compositions include: Blue Mountains Variations, A Hazy Afternoon in Budapest and Jasmine Blossoms, which are collected and cataloged by the University of New South Wales Library (Catalogue No 780/JIA/S-1) and the National Library of Australia (ID 57152825), and available in print (ISBN 9781944247409). You may listen to these compositions via the links below:

A Hazy Afternoon in Budapest (classical style)

Jasmine Blossoms (folk music style)

Blue Mountains Variations (classical style)

These details were last updated on June 1, 2016

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