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Michael Story

Double Bass Lessons

Styles: Bebop, Modern Jazz, Swing, Classical, Improvised Music

Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Post-Graduate,

Suitability: Ages 5 years and up

Pricing: $40 per 30min lesson, VCE unit 1 -4 $50 per 45min lesson, $60 per 60min lesson

Contemporary Electric Bass Guitar and Double Bass lessons.

My primary focus with students revolves around improvisation.

Music is a fun, creative and inspiring activity that should be enjoyed by all. I tailor all my lessons to suit students’ initial familiarity with music, focusing on songs by artists they listen to and enjoy whilst introducing them to a wider range of musical genres.

All students are taught to read and enjoying reading music understanding it as a tool for conveying what we hear aurally. Theory is taught also, and all lessons are fun, dynamic, interactive experiences were the students’ needs are put first in a professional educational environment.

Key areas of study.

- Music reading from reading the notes on the stave to identifying notes on the instrument

- Ear Training enabling a student to transcribe and learn songs from recordings by developing their relative pitch

- Physical Playing developing a student’s left and right hands covering a variety of articulations (e.g slap bass, thumb muting), posture and sound production

- Improvisation whilst developing the student’s ear they are given opportunities to develop bass lines from recordings, through to creating grooves over given chord progressions and soloing.

- Performance Practise (musicianship) covering all elements that take a musician from the practise room to the stage.

- Theory contemporary Jazz harmony, covering chord scale relationships, improvisation, walking bass line and groove construction, analysis and songwriting

Fitzroy North, VIC - Fitzroy North

79 Bennett Street
Also travelling in the local area
Tel 0405 903 621 or (03) 9077 0390
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