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Monique Fakhouri

General Details

BA (performance & Theatre) UNSW, 15 years professional performance experience in music and entertainment industry

Fun, Friendly and Professional Singing Lessons based in East Sydney. Singing Lesson packages start at 10 × 30 dollars half hour lessons packaged over 10 weeks.

Monique can help you discover your own singing ability whilst singing your favorite songs. Monique can bring out the best in her students by encouraging them to train and enjoy their own unique voice.

Monique has been in the music and entertainment business for over 15 years. As a professional singer she has travelled the world performing contracted to some of the most highly respected international show producers including Bor Productions UK, Freiderich’s Promotions AUS. Monique is also a well-respected session vocalist and songwriter having songs been used for television advertisements such as; Australia’s Next Top Model, X Factor and Housewives for Foxtel.

Monique has been teaching in Sydney for three years and has been successfully training singers of all ages encouraging them in their chosen style. Whether you want to sing at a family members wedding, enter a talent quest, or aspire to win a television talent show, Monique will train you vocally and give you performance skills to equip you on your journey to success.

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Begin by learning vocal health through vocal warm-ups scales and warm down scales. You will also learn to control and use your breath by coming in contact with the diaphragm and understanding its function in the body and for singing. Learn to master musical phrasing. Improve your ear / voice coordination, and how to stay in key. Increase and strengthen vocal range. Learn how to smooth out “bumps” in between vocal registers. Explore your voice type while having fun singing songs you enjoy. Learn to read music and notation through singing Solfeggio. Learn to write songs and vocal recording techniques.

Monique also guides professional performers by teaching live performance skills, including confidence and stage craft techniques whilst working towards a performance repertoire.

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