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Morello Guitar School

Learn Guitar Properly the first time with a proven method

Styles: Rock, funk, Blues, Pop, Folk, Metal, Punk, Grunge, Jazz

Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate and advanced

Suitability: Ages 4 years and up

Pricing: 5 Week Introduction $199

Learn guitar properly the first time with a proven method which will guarantee results.

Morello Guitar School is situated in Sydney’s Inner West and it specialies in teaching a structured program designed for students from 4 years of age upward. This structured program is based around the G4 GUITAR METHOD which has a Junior and Senior program.

The head teacher Brendan Morello is not your average guitar teacher. His passion for music and the guitar are always transferred onto his students. Students often leave his lessons as if they have just attended their favourite rock concert.

Brendan says “The truth is anyone can learn how to play the guitar, it’s all about the approach that the guitar teacher takes with each student. Every student is different. It’s all about building confidence and keeping it fun.The fantastic thing about the G4 GUITAR METHOD is that it provides the right tools so that anyone regardless of age or ability can learn how to play. The results I have seen teaching this method have been outstanding.”

So if you are reading this and questioning whether you have what it takes to learn the guitar then the answer is “YES” you do!!!!. You just have to find the right guitar teacher. Or if you are thinking that your child is too young then think again. The truth is children as young as 4 years of age can learn the guitar. With children at this age its all about taking it slowly and building confidence

In fact the great thing about the G4 Guitar Method is that its based around developing the 7 skills on the guitar. Focusing on the skills enables the student to develop a solid foundation which will ensure that they will be able to learn their favourite songs much more easily.

Plus for many intermediate players it can help them get to the next level. There are so many guitarists out there who are stuck in a rut who are unable to progress. Morello Guitar School provides them with the right skills to leap to the next level.

The lessons at the the school are 30 minutes in duration and focus on a balance between skill development and learning songs.

Stanmore, NSW

90 Cambridge St
Tel 0403 794 093
Email Me

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These details were last updated on August 3, 2010