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Natalie Kirby

General Details


Growing up in a small tight knit community on the mid north NSW coast Natalie
spent most of her days focused on music.

At a young age Natalie began vocal lessons with Jenny Marks; a fantastic teacher who has taught the likes of Jolene Anderson, Josh Kyle and Joe Robinson. Jenny’s love of Jazz and Blues has been influential in the creation of Natalie’s voice which can be described as powerful, raw and soulful.

With the ever-growing desire to focus her life around music Natalie left her small
town of 300 people to attend JMC Academy in Sydney where she was awarded a Bachelor of Popular Music and Performance.

From then on Natalie took advantage of every available opportunity to write and perform music.

Fronting an Alternative Grunge Rock band, Natalie had the opportunity to perform at venues across Sydney including; The Metro Theatre, The Gaelic Theatre, The Seymour Centre and The Annandale Hotel.

Towards the middle of 2010 Natalie departed Australia for Europe where she gained extensive experience performing and recording in Spain before returning to Australia to continue her professional career as a performer/music mentor.

These details were last updated on February 20, 2014