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Nigel King

General Details

Learning piano can lean towards being either a discipline or a JOY.

I have studied and taught music as a graduate of the Sydney Conservatorium and then enjoyed 25 years of teaching music, both privately and in schools.

And I am still learning and teaching, with passion!

Experience has shown me that there are short cuts in teaching piano and I have my students PLAYING piano right from the start.

We start with CREATIVITY and with MAKING music.

I enjoy students at all levels of skill. Yet I cannot restrain my passion of introducing new piano students to the miracle of making music.

Adults often lack the confidence to start off but PLEASE find the courage for the first lesson and you just may be surprised!

So we will improvise, compose, arrange popular songs, and learn classical repertoire, we look at the construction of keys and chords, read notation, develop effective finger agility and aural skills. We learn to pre-listen and play what we hear.

And with time it becomes a true journey, an outlet for meaningful self expression.

My background includes…

*Diploma of the Sydney Conservatorium of Music (Teachers).

*Graduate of Armidale CAE (Dip. Ed.).

*L. Mus. A. (Piano).

*Awarded the National Quality Teaching Award (2001).

*High School Music teacher for 21 years.

* Piano teacher for 12 years.

Personal Details:

My name is Nigel King.

I teach from my home in Arden Street Bronte, which is around a little way down from Clovelly Public School.

These details were last updated on April 12, 2016

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