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Owen Salome

General Details

B.Mus(Hons) - Composition

I studied composition at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, graduating in 2011 with first-class honours. I play flute and guitar, as well as operating as a composer and arranger. I am familiar not only with the classical music tradition, but also with Anglo-Celtic Music, Various Latin and South-American Musics, Jazz and Gypsy-Jazz and the folk music of Eastern Europe and the Balkans.

I feel that it is very important that any learning process is enjoyable. If a student is enjoying what they are learning they will work at it and absorb knowledge more easily. It is also important that students set goals for themselves so that as they achieve these goals, they can see clearly the progress that has been made. These are the two fundamental precepts of my teaching philosophy.

I also like to meet prospective students and make sure that we will get along as student and tutor. To facilitate this I like to offer a free music lesson to any student.

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