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Pauline Cruz

General Details

8th Grade AMEB, Music Minor (Bachelor of Arts) @ Monash University, Music Leader at Werribee SDA Church

Music is exciting, fun and an experience kids love sharing with their friends. Learning the art shouldn’t be any different, but unfortunately this is how many kids find piano lessons – boring yawn).

At Young Musos Academy, we prioritise children’s musical experience – ensuring that their connection with music is one out of passion, not out of pressure. We do this by providing highly tailored learning plans to suit any learning stage and support for parents as they foster their children’s growth at home.

Your children’s teacher will be Miss Pauline Cruz – she’s classically trained (8th grade AMEB certified), has performed numerous recitals and sings at her local church. Miss Pauline Cruz now wishes to share her musical knowledge & experience with your child this school term!

1 FREE TRIAL LESSON – please call 0468544901 to confirm booking!
Lessons are $23 for 30mins, $44 for 1 hour.
Exam preparation is available upon request
Terms are on an 11 week basis.


Why Piano Lessons at Y.M.A?
Because we believe that – Music brings people together – Music enhances the capacity of memory & coordination – Music boosts the self-esteem & sharpens concentration – Musical sensibility is best developed from ages 3 -14yrs – Children aren’t naughty; they’re just bored! (Piano lessons at YMA can fix that!)

These details were last updated on November 5, 2017