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Peter Mcilwain

General Details

Master of Music (Composition)

Peter is a composer and teacher who regarded for his originality, intelligence and skill in his work. Despite being able to work at a high technical level his works are noted for their depth of feeling and their ability to bring new perspectives and insights to his audiences. He strives to make powerful artistic experiences that are intended to enrich peoples lives.

Peter specialises in computer and electro acoustic music but has a wide range of musical and artistic interests. These include writing works for traditional ensembles, film and music theatre as well as computer music and installation art. Recent projects have included the development of Nodal software at the Centre for Electronic Media Art or CEMA. He was Lecturer in Composition and Music Technology in the School of Music – Conservatorium at Monash University where he directed the Sonic Art Group. He has also been President of the Australasian Computer Music Association or ACMA. He is currently an Adjunct Research Fellow at CEMA and working as a freelance composer and teacher.

General Experience and Expertise – Composer specialising in: orchestral music, electronic music and computer generated music. – Collaborative projects in sound installations for museums, theatre productions, live music performance. – Audio technician for live and studio recording and sound production – Broad experience in the use of multimedia applications including web design – Teacher specialising in composition and electronic music at a University level – Graphic designer – Researcher

Specific Expertise – Detailed knowledge and experience of studio recording techniques – Extensive knowledge of mainstream audio applications such as Logic, Digital Performer, Sibelius, Ableton Live. – Extensive knowledge of programming in Max/MSP and Pd. – Developed knowledge of programming in the java based Processing environment. – Extensive knowledge and experience in software design and computer interaction. – Developed knowledge of generative visual art practice. – Very broad knowledge of compositional techniques.

Qualifications – First Class Honours Degree of the Bachelor of Music in Composition at the University of Adelaide.
-Masters degree in Music Composition (by research) at the University of Adelaide. – Ongoing research into sound spatialisation to be included in a staff PhD which is close to completion.

Current Position
-Adjunct Research Fellow, Centre for Electronic Media Arts, Monash University.

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