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Rafe Sholer

Music Production Lessons / Tutoring

Styles: electro, house, breaks, dubstep, dancehall, trance, trip hop, experimental, industrial

Skill Level: All (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Post-Graduate)

Pricing: From $30 per half hour

So you wanna make music?

Wanna know how your favourite artists make the music they make?!

Do you think that, with some help, you could make wicked tracks too?!!

‘Production Tutoring’ is your answer! Here’s what you’ll get…

Professional Tuition On Topics That Interest YOU
Unlike university and college courses, Production Tutoring provides you with complete control over what you learn and when. That means FASTER RESULTS for you! Without the unnecessary information, you’ll learn fast!

Access To The Latest Equipment –
As used in million-dollar studios the world over. In addition, you’ll have access to the latest recording and production techniques necessary to give your music that modern edge.

Specific Instructions For Your Setup –
Something else universities and colleges can’t offer. With most group-based tuition, you get overly general instructions suited for the equipment at college/uni, which you then have to adapt for your own setup. With Production Tutoring, I adapt the instructions to suit your equipment, again speeding up your progress considerably.

Ongoing Support Between Tutorials –
So you can ask questions and clear up misunderstandings at anytime. This also speeds up you’re progress hugely.

Industry Contacts –
To help you with anything from finding session musicians for your next tracking session, through to choosing a label to release your music!

Plenty More –
Gig Opportunities, Label Signing, Touring and Distribution and more for truly dedicated students!

Whether you’re experienced or just beginning, whether you use Pro Tools, Live, Logic or any other software, Production Tutoring will push your knowledge, your skills and your music to incredible new heights.

You’re one step away from the path to Music Production mastery. Sign up for Music Production Tutoring today!!

Brisbane, QLD

The Daintrees
34 Lowerson St
Also travelling in the local area
Tel 0422 112 004
Email Me

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Gold Coast, QLD

17 Elliott St
Also travelling in the local area
Tel 0422 112 004
Email Me

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These details were last updated on June 10, 2014