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Raymond Tan

General Details

AmusA for Piano with Distinction, Nominated for the Board of Studies HSC Encore Concert


I’m a first year uni student and I’ve been playing music since I was 4! I am extremely passionate about playing the piano, violin, guitar and singing. Throughout the years I have studied under very highly acclaimed teachers such as Matthew Krel, founder of the SBS Youth Orchestra, and Estelle Shields, and under their guidance I achieved an AmusA Diploma for Piano with Distinction, as well as 50/50 in my HSC Music Extension exam, overall being nominated for encore.

Now I look to take my passion in music to another level through teaching young kids! I love teaching and dealing with young children, such as volunteering at the local childcare centre. So don’t worry, I’m nice, friendly and enthusiastic about music!

These details were last updated on February 3, 2014