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Richie Robinson

General Details

*33 years experience doing professional performances -, 27 years experience as a full-time professional performer -, *Up to 40 hours per week performing onstage on a regular basis -, *Over 30 years teaching experience -, *Have performed and/or worked closely with - Stevie Wonder Band - James Morrison - and Paul McCartney's guitarist Rusty Anderson -, *Radio play includes regular rotation on Nova - features on a variety of major and community stations in Australia and Indonesia - and regular play on College Radio in the US., Band leader-producer and arranger for small ensembles up to 11piece big band -The Rock 'N' Swing Rebels. 1981-Now, Currently doing a refresher course in Jazz Studies at Elder Conservatorium 2012-2014, Music director for acoustic jazz venue - Live at Sarah's 2008-2010, 3 years as national and international producer for publisher Blue Pie. Working with such artists as New York born singer Billy Lofton & Paul McCartney's guitarist Rusty Anderson. 2003-2006, 2 years Jazz Diploma study at Elder Conservatorium 1995-1996, Band leader and producer for local chart-topping bands - Waiting for Venus and The Bite 1992-2000, Award Recommendations for Modern Guitar grade Studies via The Australian Guild of Music & Speech 1989-1994, Full-Time State & National Touring 1984-1992, Jazz Harmony & Theory Studies with Bruce Hancock (current head of the Jazz Dept. at Elder Conservatorium) 1978-1979, Piano and music theory - The Academy of Music & Languages 1974-1976

I began professional performance in 1976, and began teaching in 1979, becoming a full-time jazz and blues and pop/rock performer in 1984. I have proudly been one of the most employed guitarists in Australia since I became a full-timer – working up to twelve 4-hour gigs (which equates to 40 hours on stage) per week for over a quarter of a century.

I teach the skills required to become a professional full-time performer, and, whether they are 6 or 60, prefer to take on students with performance goals rather than teaching goals in mind.

I recommend that those who wish to become teachers for their staple income, learn from one that teaches for a living, such as can be found in the local universities, as most of these attitudes and methods are learned through osmosis.

As I still average 4 to 5 performances a week after 30 years as a professional, it is difficult to make time for more than a handful of students.

Please do not contact me for lessons if you are not serious about learning, practising, and building a solid foundation to your playing as a performer – whether you are a complete beginner , a part-timer, or have completed studies at your local conservatorium, and are looking to hone your professional skills.

Most sincerely,
Richie Robinson

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