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When I arrived in Australia in 1964 from Wales in the U.K., I brought with me a musical legacy that has been with me throughout many happy years in my adopted country. I was extremely fortunate to be able to sight-read piano music from a very young age. This skill opened many doors for me, and my early musical experiences were many and varied. I played at church, in school, accompanied soloists and choirs as well as playing for pantomimes, ensembles and musicals.

In 1969 I settled down in Queensland where I raised my family and have taught the piano for over forty two years. During the late 80’s when I was studying music as a mature student at University I became aware (for the first time) that not everyone read piano music the way I did. Students often remarked on my ability to read new music with ease and asked me ‘How do you do it?’ I couldn’t answer them because I honestly did not know. I always thought that everyone read the same way I did!

When I realised how serious the problem was and how little we knew about the reading procedure for harmonic instruments I decided to do some private research, which I started in 1996. The results indicated that there were two main causes for poor sight-reading skills at the keyboard, these were the inability to maintain eye contact with the written music and not knowing how to read the vertical Grand Staff.

The Say & Play sight-reading training program has been designed specifically to address these issues. Not knowing what keys are under their hands at all times produces constant errors. Frequent mistakes panics the senses which destroys the child’s ability to maintain eye contact with the music.

Creating a safe working environment for the student, one that protects the ear in the early years of tuition, by eliminating as many note errors as possible, gives the teacher time to train tactile security. Once a student has complete confidence in his or her ability to play by touch it is simply a matter of teaching them HOW to read the vertical Grand Staff successfully.

I have dedicated my time to developing the Say & Play program in the hope that every child who studies it vigilantly will be rewarded with the same lifelong love of music I have been privileged to enjoy.

Joan Bevan

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