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Scarlett Lin

General Details

B.ME; M.Mus

I focused on implementing highly effective instructional practices to improve student learning and
academic performance.
I’m a highly innovative and resourceful education professional who quickly identifies and resolves
challenging classroom situations.
I’m an enthusiastic teacher with a knack for making learning exciting and enjoyable.
I was motivated by the belief that all children could be successful learners.
I stay up-to-date on new learning technologies and trends in the education community.
I am a highly motivated and enthusiastic educator skilled in identifying educational software and learning
programs that can benefit students.
I have an exceptional ability to establish cooperative, professional relationships with parents, staff and
I’m a clear communicator who prioritizes students’ success, as well as their holistic development.
I’m a skilled Elementary Teacher with a background in improving student performance.
I focused on working with students, parents, colleagues and administrators alike to teach and motivate

These details were last updated on April 12, 2014