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sergio varela

best guitar lessons

Styles: acoustic, rock, lead guitar, shred, metal

Skill Level: advanced

Suitability: Ages 8 to 50 years

Pricing: $40/hour

• 17 years of guitar playing experience
• 5 years of guitar teaching experience
• Strong oral and written communication and motivational skills
• Patience and ability to boost up the confidence of students
• Bilingual (Can write, read and speak fluent English and Spanish)
• Minor, major, pentatonic, exotic, blues scales
• Sweep picking arpeggios
• Acoustic plucking and strumming techniques
• Shred techniques for rock and metal
• Single and multiple string tapping
• Improvisation techniques
• Triplet picking on all strings in both ascending and descending forms
• Classical triplet licks and runs
• Chromatic runs
• Hammer-on & pull-off exercises
• Ear trainings
• Ability to tailor and develop individualized lesson plans.
• Songwriter
• Freelance studio musician
• Certified recording engineer
• Performing musician (live and studio bands)

• Handles the tasks of teaching musical styles and techniques of playing guitar
• Prepares lesson plan and recommends areas that need improvement
• Teaching students how to read and write tablature
• Foster a deep interest of playing guitar by preparing and implementing different learning techniques
• Teach guitar by using mainstream technique, method, and repertoire books, along the curriculum that guides progress from beginner to advanced levels
• Creating and utilizing a map of notes on the guitar neck to reveal the patterns of how the scales of a single note can be played in different modes throughout the neck
• Teaching songs directly to students with finger placement and immediate resulting sound
• Furthered students needs by teaching them basics of recording

Thomastown, VIC

Travelling in the local area
Tel (03) 9465 3475
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