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Shanon Waters

General Details

BBus, BMus, Grade 8 ANZCA Prac piano & theory attainment

Toast & Jam promotes the idea of being able to sit down and play whatever you feel like playing. These abilities are only attained through a knowledge of both theory and practical aspects of a students’ chosen instrument. Irrespective of your musical abilities, we have designed a program to progress students to an established musical level where improvisation accompanies skills such as sight reading and tonal awareness. Among others, these performance attributes provide an endless array of musical possibilities, as you will shortly find yourself playing across genres, changing keys, and ‘playing by ear.’

Whether you want to learn a few classics to impress your hubby, or develop the skills to lead a career based around music, there is no better way to go about it than the advanced, one-on-one, knowledgeable tuition you will receive at Toast & Jam.

My name is Shanon Waters. After starting to learn the piano at the ripe age of 6, it took some time to get to the stage where I could play for enjoyment. For me, improvisation was where I first discovered a passion for music and performance. I played in the various bands and solo acts through school, but it wasn’t until after I graduated that my experiences forged a new path for my music. I have now travelled Australia and the world busking, playing in pubs and bars, and tapping into the festival and ‘music for a cause’ scene in guitar, piano and vocals. I have been teaching piano, guitar and music for a number of years to people around the world, from the young bushfire victims of Victoria to Indigenous groups in the Top End, to fellow backpackers around the world. Currently studying a dual degree in Business and Music Production, I am continuing to perform solo acts, as well as collaborating and recording with an indie/fusion/contemporary 5-piece. I am excited to be planted in one place for an extended period of time, and the oppourtunities which that provides: from regular gigs to developing relationships with my students and experiencing musical growth in both of our lives.

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