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Simone Melder

General Details

Kindermusik Educator, Blackburn South, Victoria, Australia.

A singer and pianist for most of her life, Simone Melder of Blackburn South was taught music by her mother at a very young age. Now on the mature side of life, Simone is an educator who brings with her a lifetime of musical appreciation and an endearing love for children.

While she has worked in office environments for most of her professional career, Simone’s musical career started as a teenager, when she belonged to an operatic company and took part in many hit operas giving invaluable training.

Simone found the many years of working in an office environment unstimulating, boring and dampening on her musical spirit. She yearned to let her love for music out. Escaping the unrewarding office environment, Simone recently undertook a musical theatre course through TAFE which has seen her performing in a musical theatre restaurant.
When asked why she became an Kindermusik educator, Simone explained that it is not for the money, but for the sheer joy of it. Kindermusik gives her flexibility, musical expression and helps her touch children with the magic of music.

If she’s not teaching Kindermusik, Simone is enjoying poetry, her grandkids and singing to the elderly in nursing homes. With a growing number of clients raving about her as a teacher, Simone has really found her calling as a Kindermusik educator.

These details were last updated on June 19, 2008