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Sonya Visser

General Details

L.T.C.L. ( Piano ), L.A.G.M. ( Piano ), L.A.G.M. ( Electronic Organ ), A.Mus.A. ( Piano ), H.T.T. Higher Training for Teachers ( Melbourne University Conservatorium ), A.Y.M.F., M.I.M.T.

Sonya is a highly regarded Music Educator with a vast
experience in the Music Industry. She studied piano at
the Melbourne University Conservatorium under international concert pianist Mack Jost and trained as an early childhood specialist music teacher.

As a student she won many prestigious competitions including National Exhibition Awards with the Australian Guild of Music Conservatorium. Professionally she was a Keyboard Demonstrator for a leading Music Company and Director of Central Keyboard Academy in Melbourne. Later she was offered the position as Head Teacher of a leading Music School in Brisbane. Her students have won many awards in major competitions including the Queensland Youth Music Awards, Queensland Piano Competition, National Keys Piano Competition, City of Sydney Eisteddfod and Casio Challenge.

These details were last updated on July 25, 2009