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Music Production Tuition - Ableton, Logic, Pro Tools

Styles: All

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Are you a DJ/Electronic Musician/Singer-Songwriter looking to sharpen your production skills? Just getting started? Ready to take your music to the stage? Whatever your background, skill level or direction, I can help. Learn one-on-one or two-on-one from an experienced professional touring electronic artist in a very well equipped & comfortable studio.

- 15 years recording, producing & performing music

- Ableton live MASTER (Soon to be certified)

- Over 10 years using Logic

- Qualified Pro Tools Instructor

- Native Instruments Specialist

- Access Virus Specialist

- Degree in Music specialising in Technical Production

- Have performed in excess of 400 LIVE shows using a range of platforms both nationally and OS sharing the stage with the likes of Pendulum, Grand Master Flash, Perfect Stranger, Gabe, Regurgitator, Q-Bert, Bliss’n’Eso, Andy C & GQ, London Elektricity, High Contrast, OPIUO, Plump DJs, D-Kay & StaminaMC, The Bird, Shpongle, Endorphin, 28-Days, LTJ Bukem & many more

- Experience working in many of Melbourne’s major studios incl. Sing Sing, 002 & Woodstock

- Work in retail audio – can provide students with Australia’s absolute lowest prices on equipment & help make sure you don’t waste money on the wrong gear

Lessons tailored to meet student’s individual needs covering four broad areas:

Electronic Music Production:

- Programming beats

- Loop manipulation

- Arrangements

- Powerful builds & drops

- Creative use of FX

- Creating a balanced mix using EQ, Filters, Reverb, Compression & Stereo Tools

Recording & Audio Production:

- The keys to capturing a great performance

- Composition recording

- Microphones, Mic Pre-amps & Mic Placement

- Using EQ, Filters, Reverb, Compression & Stereo Tools with live instruments

- Setting up a functional and great sounding recording space


- Find out why this is the single most important skill of any electronic artist

- Gain the tools to enable you to create the sounds you hear in your head

- Learn how to reverse engineer sounds you hear in your favourite tracks

Live Performance

- Working with Ableton in a live environment

- Gaining hands on control of your music for a truly spontaneous performance

- Working with & effecting real instruments on stage

- Live looping

Sessions run for 4 Hrs starting at 9:30am, 2:30pm and 7:30pm weekdays.

If you have a friend at a similar skill level bring them along & save money!

I have just returned from a 4 month OS tour and have limited sessions available over the next 8 weeks before I leave again, If you send me a name & contact number I’ll call ASAP to discuss how I can best be of assistance and what we can work out around your availability.

Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to take your production skills to the next level!

See me in action with my favourite piece of kit – Native Instruments Maschine:

Have a listen to some of my music:


Here’s some feedback from a few of my current students so you can get an idea of what you’re in for:

Before I started my lessons with Fred I was only doing music as a hobby, I was full of ideas but had no direction or know how of what to do with them or how to turn them from an idea into an actual song,

After meeting Fred at Store DJ and having a long chat about the different paths I could precede down Fred was priceless in his information on which different software and hardware would be best suited for me. Along with giving me multiple solutions he also explained the pros and cons of each one so as in the end I knew enough information to decide the way I wanted to go confidently.

After helping me set up everything I needed to start making music more then a hobby I proceeded to start production lessons with Fred which has been probably the best investments I have made to date. I have found Fred will take the time to explain every program, equipment and technique in depth enough so you have a firm grasp on the subject but does not waste time talking about a subject longer then he needs to therefore getting through a lot of material with out feeling overloaded.

I feel that the reason Fred has helped me along so much in such a short time is not only his wealth of knowledge but also his general persona. I don’t think if have met a person as welcoming or generally positive in life as Fred which makes him a pleasure to be around as well as learn from.

B. Birchall


As a student the task of learning something new is always incredibly daunting. To have a teacher who’s enthusiasm and enjoyment matches his knowledge of the subject matter makes approaching electronic music production that much more exciting.

Fred is this kind of teacher. Also being able to contact Fred when I’m having problems and him taking time over the phone to assist me is a huge help.

I’d highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for assistance in music production.

A. Ouchtomsky


I met Fred while he was working as a sales assistant at Store DJ and was immediately blown away by his knowledge and passion for music production. As a budding music producer trying to get better at my craft, I quickly jumped at the opportunity to have private tuition and my instincts were proved correct when Fred showed a broader and deeper understanding of all aspects of music production than anyone else I had met. With Fred’s help i was able to learn the ins and outs of music production very quickly. He was always able to answer any question I had and more than one session stretched on late into the night because we were having too much fun! Fred’s dedication to everything he pursues is inspiring. He is an incredible human being, an excellent teacher and a close friend and mentor.

J. Szeleczky


I have only had about six sessions with Fred and have found his help to be invaluable towards improving all areas of my productions and computer audio knowledge. He has a calm and adaptive approach to teaching the required techniques which keeps learning interesting and enjoyable. I highly recommend tuition with Fred, regardless of your musical background and preference of genre.

S. Lahausse


Fred has been a great source of support, guidance and knowledge to us throughout our time seeing him. His will to help and mentor us not only in music production but also in computer problems, understanding live music development and world instruments has proved inspiring and motivating. He has been a great person to get to know and learn from who is now a close friend in which we would not be able to further advance and grow in our music and knowledge without!

Audio Knight

A. McLerie & L. Myles


I also build high end Digital Audio Workstations running Mac OSX for around a third of the cost of a similarly spec’d Mac Pro:

- My systems enjoy a reputation for being extremely fast, extremely quiet & extremely stable. They are designed to maximise the potential of today’s advanced software, and will allow you to concentrate on being creative – safe in the knowledge that I can provide you with specialist help and support, should you ever need it.

- I start by finding out exactly how YOU plan to use your Digital Audio Workstation so that I can provide a quality, quiet, stable computer that performs to, and exceeds, your expectations.

- My system for custom designing a Digital Audio Workstation allows you to create your own Custom DAW from a select group of high-quality OSX compatible computer components.

- In order to optimize your Custom DAW for serious music production, I perform over 40 customisations to the operating system and motherboard bios.

- I use hard disk imaging software to create a restore point once the system has been set up and stress tested, meaning if your computer develops any problems down the track you can easily set it back to a perfectly working state. In fact, I suggest restoring from an image on a regular basis in order to keep the computer in its optimum working state. All of this means the computer will never have to come back to me for servicing, saving you time and money in the future.

It goes without saying that no matter what the platform I am an incredibly competent source of technical support. Studio hardware or computer software problems? I’m your man.

Get in contact to find out more….

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