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Stephen Knights

General Details

Graduate of United DJ Mixing School, Certificate of sound system engineering (TAFE), Attended School of Audio Engineering

In this digital age the dj has become an integral part of many bands live shows and recording processes as well as being a solo performer. I can teach you how to mix any kind of music as well as the finer points of turntablism this includes basic sound system operation, beat mixing, key mixing, beat juggling, scratching and other tricks.

The turntable is an extremely difficult instrument to master. Like the violin having no frets, the record has no frets or buttons on which to find the sample/sound, you have to look, hear and feel where it is. It could also be considered similar to the drum as it can produce many different sounds, yet it can do so much more due to its ability to manipulate the sound also. It can produce a sample/sound in forward (normal), reverse, fast, slow, chirping, wobbling the possibilities are almost endless. And that goes for any sound you can find on any record anywhere.

Known as New Years Steve in the hip hop, reggae, dubstep scene I have over 13 years experience as a dj using 2 turntables and a mixer. I have also more recently started using cdj’s and serato. I am currently working as the dj for such acts as ‘Lotek’, ‘Rudekat Sound System’, ‘Indigenous Intrudaz’ and ‘All Underground Sound’. I have also had many club residencies including ‘Uber’ (West End) for ‘Soul Train”, ‘Rics’ (Valley) for ‘The Phatness’ and ‘Kaliber’ (Valley) for ‘The Phatness’. I have also done many one off gigs mainly at hip hop events and have done recording for various acts including ‘Billy Bunks – Spit & Gristle’, an underground hip hop classic.

These details were last updated on May 20, 2011