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Sydney Singing Centre

General Details

Master's Degree (Macq 2009)

Stephen Baker is recognised as one of the nations leading singing voice coaches in contemporary music. He is also currently President of the Australian National Association Of Teachers Of Singing Ltd (NSW Chapter) and is a sought after lecturer and presenter for singing and performance workshops and conferences. Stephen is a contemporary Music Degree curriculum designer (Bachelor of Performance –  Voice) and has a Masters Degree (2009 Macq). His performing career spans more than 3 decades with over 120 live television appearances as a solo vocalist across all major networks.

Trouble shooting problem areas in voices and dealing with damaged singing voices is also of great importance to Stephen and an area of his expertise.

Stephen Baker (Vocal Director) is passionate about bringing the story of the song to life on stage, teaching the singer to live in the emotion of the song to make the fledgling singer a compelling, dynamic performer able to connect to their audience whilst being mindful of using the voice to the best of it’s ability, with dexterity and with vocal health.

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