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TBB Music Tuition and Artist Services

General Details

TBB provides custom tailored tuition programs for drums, bass guitar, beginner rhythm guitar and “screaming” vocals to any individual at any skill level.

You can book lessons for 30 minutes, 45 minutes or 70 minutes; either with no commitment or in a ‘term’ of 10 lessons over 10 weeks – for video lessons or in person, at my home studio or your place Simply inquire to find out more.

TBB Music Tuition and Artist Services is a provider of music lessons, recording, sound production, as well as coaching, consultation, management and promotional services for artists and bands. Basically, a one stop shop that can develop you artistically, and get you exposure too.

TBB is run by Adrian Zuccon; an avid metal musician, audio engineer, visual & graphic designer, session muso and trainer/consultant who is 25 years old.

“I started drumming in 1999, and took up the bass in 2002. My first band started in ’99, when I paired up with a guitarist I’m still playing with today; shortly after I began drum lessons. In 2002 I decided to learn more about music and composition, contributing more to the bands I was in and eventually became able to write entire pieces in which ever style. More recently I have been focused on learning the guitar and playing more keyboards, as well as furthering my studies on drums, bass and music theory in general.”

These details were last updated on August 5, 2013