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Teruko Iwasaki

General Details

YAMAHA Piano Teacher Certificate, Bachelor of Arts, YAMAHA Theory Teacher Certificate


Very joyful piano lessons

Special sessions for beginners ; 6 months training for play the piano, and read the notes

20 min. lessons once a week for 6 months, then you will get the base of piano playing en reading music notes.

With over 400 students’ experiences, I will teach you how to play the piano en reading the music notes most efficiently.

You don’t need hard practices.
You don’t need special talent.

What you need is
Correct understanding of simple theory of music, and
Joyful training of your fingers and your whole body for playing the piano.

Just like driving lessons, just like PC keyboard lessons,
You will get playing skill in 6 months.

Once you get the playing skill, depends on the music books you choose,
You can play pops, classical music, jazz whatever you want!

Gold Coast fun private piano lessons learning on the grand piano with YAMAHA certified instructor, Teruko Iwasaki.


Fantastic by A Google User –9 Jun 2010
I picked up weekly Teruko in late February and I’m amazed at the progress I’ve made in only five months. I’ve never played an instrument before but Teruko’s lessons make me feel like I’ve been doing it for years. I love making improvements and Teruko obviously shares in the same joy. She’s a great teacher and I thoroughly enjoy our lessons each week.

I also welcome experienced players.

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