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The Musician's Accomplice

General Details

Musical First Aid for the musically uncertain and musicians who have lost their way.

I believe music should be fun: we “play” music don’t we? If you love music and you have a yearning to play or sing, you have the right to do it.

As the Musician’s Accomplice, I am committed to helping you move along your musical journey. Everyone is different, but usually the process goes something like this:

1. We figure out where you’re at now;
2. Where you want to be;
3. Obstacles that are in your way;
4. What steps you could take to get around those obstacles and
5. Design a plan to get you on your way

Some common obstacles might be:
Creative “block”
Practical skills or
Knowledge gaps

I run classes and work one-on-one with beginners and established musicians.

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