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Tom Dickins

General Details

B.A. Arts (Honours 1st Class)

Since graduating with honours from Charles Sturt University with a Bachelor of Arts, I have travelled the world performing, writing, recording, coaching and directing.

As a teacher/coach I have worked in performing arts universities and with theatre companies to help actors and musicians increase vocal range and breath capacity allowing them perform with passion and confidence.

What To Expect:

Drawing upon a varied range of vocal traditions, my approach to vocal work is individually tailored to your goals, requirements and experiences. Whether you are a beginner wanting to start with the basics or a seasoned professional wanting to refresh your skills, we will work on a personalised program to ensure your needs are met.

I believe that singing is a deep expression of self, and within each lesson I will work with you to find your own voice, to overcome obstacles and increase confidence by focusing on the 3 key areas: vocal technique, aural training and performance.

The vocal technique segment will arm you with an array of exercises designed to identify your vocal patterns, warm up your voice, increase your breathing capacity, identify and utilize resonance and understand / control your range

In the aural section we will work on training your ear through melody, harmony, scale and interval work.

The performance segment will integrate the vocal technique and aural work while working on a song of your choosing. We will also work on phrasing, delivery, interpretation, confidence and personalisation.

While these three core segments will give us the framework for each session – together we will identify which require more focus to help you achieve your vocal goals.


While I encourage you to consider ongoing classes, I am also available for single sessions to focus on specific pieces or needs.

All sessions are conducted in my studio in Coburg North, however offsite coaching can be negotiated – however a travel fee may apply, depending on your location.

Please don’t hesitate to get in contact via if you have any further queries.

These details were last updated on October 15, 2013