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Videoclub Guitar Studio

General Details

Guitar lessons available in fully equipped Marrickville Studio.

Improvised Guitar Demos:

The recently established Videoclub Guitar Studio in marrickville now has openings for new guitar students.

Learn to play your favourite songs at a pace that is comfortable for you, while extending your understanding of chord structure, harmony and the scales/modes required to improvise. you will also learn practice techniques that relate to the skills required to perfect your chosen repertoire.

What we offer our students:

we cater for all ages, no one is too young or too old to fulfil another aspect of their love for music!! (parents are welcome to attend their children’s lessons)

lessons for beginners through to advanced players.

lessons can be taught on either Acoustic (nylon or steel string) or Electric guitar.

we have acoustic and electric guitars, plus amplifiers available for students to use at no extra charge. (although students will need their own guitar to practice at home!!)

Learn blues, rock, pop, jazz, contemporary, folk, country and other popular styles.

learn at your own pace with a clear direction and goals that are tailored to the results you would like to achieve with your playing

we also have demo recording equipment available if students would like to make a demo of a song etc

learn all aspects of playing the guitar:

practical skills such as rhythm playing, chord shapes, scale patterns, arpeggios, riffs, finger picking, soloing, pinch harmonics.

and theory, learn how chord progressions work, harmonise in different and exotic scales, add extensions to your chords for more flavour in your own writing.

Pricing for lessons at our studio:

1/2 hour – $30
1 hour – $50

lessons are available 7 Days a week during the hours 10am – 10pm.

please phone for lesson availability. we will do our best to cater for your desired lesson time.

Ph. 0468997006

These details were last updated on November 26, 2013