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Professional Music Teachers in Australia


General Details

I offer a mobile service in Perth, tutoring beginner or advanced computer music production. I used to teach ‘Advanced Record Production’ at PointBlank in London where I also helped write and form the course.
I try to “tailor” the learning experience so you get to know and understand exactly what you need to know.
I work primarily on Logic and Pro Tools but most of my programming/production knowledge and techniques will transfer with whichever set up or software you choose to use.

I also have years of front-line experience installing, setting up, troubleshooting and repairing computer music systems from the humble mBox right thru’ to full Pro Tools HD systems in major studios around the UK.
I have also toured frequently with major artists running Apple live on stage.
I also write my own music and can help you to complete yours.
I have many years experience recording and programming on professional sessions in Europe and the US.

These details were last updated on March 20, 2012