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Voice Maestro - Elite Vocal Coaching

General Details

The VME™ Vocal Method is a evolutional way to intensely isolate the muscles of phonation while bringing them to function in a state of equilibrium. The ability to keep the voice maximized in a positive load phase allow Singers and Speakers to make real progress fast. Knowing when to stop, when to rest is also a guided essential in the VME™ Vocal Method for effective progress, as it is during this time that growth happens.

Whilst the voice can be quite resilient, in the beginning of training some phonation muscles may be very weak due to inactivity and can only benefit from very short work. The sound producedby weak vocal musculature can be a false cursor for being wrong to a student working alone without the guidance of a great coach. For it is leading by correct function that great voices are built regardless of how they may sound in the beginning.

It is not so much the beauty of a sound that resonates with the listener but the way it connects through the vibrations of a balanced emission.

Speakers and Singers can equally benefit from this training, whether it is captivating an audience on The Voice or a jury in the courtroom.

We also work with Lisps and stuttering.

These details were last updated on November 8, 2014