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Brett Manning Associate Vocal Coach

VoxNinja offers singing lessons and vocal coaching to people of all ages and experience levels. Our goal is simple , to help his students discover and control their voice, while working towards each individual students goals.
Lessons are conducted one on one in the comfort of your own home via Skype or FaceTime anywhere in the world.

This proven technique, developed by the worlds leading vocal coach Brett Manning addresses the problems faced by singers of all skill levels with exercises to: – Build and increase your range. – Sing with power, ease and consistency. – Rejuvenate damaged voices – Develop a professional sound and unique style. – Free your vibrato. – Warm up and Cool down your voice. – Improve vocal health. – Maintain breath control. – Balance Vocal Compression. – Boost self confidence.

Learn the technique taught to some of today’s biggest artists including Hayley Williams (Paramore), Keith Urban, Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift.

Single Lesson Prices
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About The Teacher
From his beginnings as a singer Joel struggled with his own voice. Overcoming these vocal problems has motivated Joel to help other singers solve their own vocal problems, free their voice and work towards achieving their own goals.

In early 2010 Joel returned from Nashville, USA receiving his accreditation as a certified Brett Manning Associate Vocal Coach. Since this time Joel has been teaching a constantly growing student base and relentlessly researching and learning more about the voice through the study of numerous vocal literature, programs, ideologies and anatomy. This has led to the development of the VoxNinja Warmup, Daily Vocal Workout and Think Better, Sing Better.

Reflecting on past experiences Joel conveys “I do not believe in making students feel uncomfortable or inferior in lessons, I have personally had lessons where I’ve broken down, been bullied and made to feel worthless by teachers….its wrong, if I give my best as a teacher and motivate my students in a comfortable, friendly, fun and professional atmosphere, it gives them the best chance to achieve their vocal dreams. I am on their team, if they succeed with their voice I succeed as a teacher”.
“Every singer and teacher for that matter is ultimately after the same thing…Range extension. Connection from top to bottom with no evidence of the passagio (vocal break). Consistency in tone and stamina. Finally the ability to sing from soft to loud and everything in between on any note within their range”.
Joels declares “As a teacher and friend, I am incredibly lucky to be part of every students life long journey of discovering their truly unique voice. I love teaching as every day I meet and help new people, giving them tools to create the music and sounds they hear in their heads”

Vocal lessons through will help singers of all ages, styles and experience levels. To book a one-on-one Skype lesson in the comfort of your own home today please or e-mail

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