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Willard Zhong

General Details

LmusA, Music theory grade 6, Concertmaster of MGS (past), Melbourne University SO 1st violinist, Concertmaster of ANGO (past), Concertmaster of AAO (present), Teacher at USM (past)

I am a 20 year old currently studying BmusA at The University of Melbourne Conservatorium, going into a performance major.

Having been thrust through the cogs of classical music for 15 years now, my sadomasochistic love for it only deepens as I continue through the annals frustrating repertoire ahead, and I’d thoroughly enjoy sharing my experience amongst students! My style is mostly pertaining to the russian violin school- which has produced masters such as Oistrakh and Vengerov.

Tutelage under several teachers such as Gao Yi, Peter Wang, Wenxun Chen, Andan Zhong and Mark Mogilevski (My current teacher) has instilled a disciplined technical framework in my playing and several methods of interpretation which I look forward to sharing.

Previous teaching experiences involves coaching Amusa and Lmusa students as well as beginners at the Universal School of Music

Repertoire played recently:
Sibelius Violin Concert, Chausson’s Po√®me, Ravel Sonata No. 2, Franck Sonata, Ysaye Violin Sonata No. 3 Ballade.

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