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Yuri Kalinin

General Details

Bachelor of music

Classical guitar (instead of acoustic-strings or electric) possesses own unique timbre, independence, and according to the characteristics costs among with other professional classical instruments. But it not so museum piece. This instrument can bigger, than execution of classical guitar repertoire and a flamenco. All music which exists today can be postponed for a classical guitar to some extent. Such principles in the creativity are followed by Yury Kalinin who got used to think in an improvization and a jazz way, uniting these properties the most different compositions of all styles. Guitar lessons… Important part of musical creativity is pedagogical activity. On the basis of methods of various guitarists, guitar schools and own ideas learning are given in a guitar. The form of classes can be individual and group. Individual — for solo performance, group — for duets and guitar ensemble. For each student the separate plan which in the course of training undergoes changes is formed, the material is selected, speed and volume of education — depending on the desirable purposes, preferences, opportunities is set. For beginning guitarists there is a stage of “without-notes” training, and for the same who wants to learn to understand notes, the special author’s technique is offered. Except a classical guitar, it is possible to study an electric guitar, an acoustic guitar and various spheres of musical art — the theory and music history, harmony, composition.

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