*Marcus Kruse - First Lesson Free

  • Graduate Diploma of Teaching - ACU

Marcus is a lover of music. He loves getting his hands dirty with poly-rhythms and and creating fun and complex harmonies. Whether using the guitar or computer, Marcus is always learning & creating sound.

First Lesson Free

Instrument; Contemporary Acoustic & Electric Guitar.

All Ages

I can help you;

  • learn to play songs using open and barre chords,
  • memorise and play scales across the neck,
  • position playing; which position to play in, why, which fingering to use, how to move between positions & arpeggios.
  • improvisation using 2-5-1, the blues & modal vamps.
  • write songs that combine harmony, melody and rhythm.

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17, Bates Drive, Williamstown
Williamstown, VIC
Also travelling in the local area
0413 230 600


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