Adam Simpson MVMTA

Adam Simpson MVMTA began learning piano at nine and a half years old and was taught by Leona Sterling. He further pursued studying music at Sir Zelman Cowen School of Music, Monash University under the guidance of Len Vorster.

Simpson's performances to name a few include the musical Into the Woods, the popular song The Prayer live on radio, Sir Zelman Cowen Strings Twilight Concert, police Remembrance Day, improvisation from an audience’s choice of key and even improvising to Beethoven’s music “on the go!” Simpson has also been awarded 2nd prize of the Australian National Piano Award Goulburn Valley junior regional event and was a 2nd round finalist of the World Competition. Simpson has also performed and done collaborations with pop star Mel Jade and performed music from the movie called the Matrix, dressing up and looking exactly like the characters.

Simpson obtained a Bachelor of Music and a Masters of Music from Sir Zelman Cowen School of Music, Monash University, studying classical piano and harmony. He is also a composer, an avid music teacher and has been teaching piano and music theory for more than nine years.

Known for his extremely high efficient teaching, his teaching skills have culminated in students successfully gaining entrance into music courses at university level, even music composition majors, helped other instrumentalists with their music education and parents have even paid him for piano lessons for their child even without a piano at their home to practice on! Simpson has also had students who are only as young as 10 years old who understands all the areas in music and can now only focus on personal self expression, something in which Simpson cannot teach. Simpson also has a YouTube channel which has over 1,600 subscribers, containing some of his performances, teachings and compositions.

Currently, Simpson is writing two visionary papers, Perfect Pitch/Sound Recognition in conjunction with Music Composition/Musicality and expanding on Bruce Lee’s The Art of Expressing the Human Body, not in terms of martial arts but in dancing since Simpson is also a very passionate dancer!

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