Adam Smyth

  • Bachelor of Music
  • Music Honors
  • over 10 years teaching experience

Learn guitar at 'the Centre' in Dural!

-all styles of guitar including pop, rock, classical and jazz

-soloing and improvisation

-how to read music and understand music theory

-learn all your favourite songs

Adam Smyth is a guitarist and teacher based in Sydney, Australia. His love of various musical styles has led to extensive study of jazz guitar, classical guitar, improvisation, rock guitar and music theory. Adam is an accomplished and versatile performer and has recorded and performed with numerous pop, rock, jazz, funk and hip hop artists. Adam completed his bachelor of music at the Australian Institute of Music in 2007 and was inducted into the Principal's Honour roll for outstanding achievement in subjects ranging from Music Theory and Aural to improvisation. Adam has also completed his music honours at Macquarie University in 2010. Adam is enthusiastic about teaching music, helping students reach their musical goals, and enjoying the adventure of learning a musical instrument in a fun and supportive environment.

Dural Baptist Church/sport And Leisure Centre
Pellitt Lane
Dural, NSW
0421 100 445


Details last updated on June 17, 2017