Singing Lessons

Styles Contemporary, Classical
Skill Level Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Pricing $35 half-hour/ $70 full-hour

Singing is a physical, emotional and spiritual pursuit that relies on you as the singer to master these ingredients and bring them to each moment in each performance.

The physical part of singing concerns the use of good vocal technique and this is my primary focus with the majority of students. Good technique that produces minimal strain on the vocal chords and engages the correct muscles is very important for maintaining vocal health and longevity. Introducing unnatural distortion, breathy or raspy sounds, as well as sustained belting around the vocal break area will lead to issues with vocal health and effectively shorten your lifespan as a singer. Retraining vocal muscles to minimise strain, supporting the voice with the breath and developing blended/mixed voice to sing through vocal breaks and beyond are physical skills that all good singers should master. There are a number of exercises that I employ to develop these skills with my students.

At the same time, singing is a form of communication, and bringing emotional connection and feeling of a song to your audience separates the good singers from the great singers. Every song tells a story and being able to tell it with the passion of love, deep anguish and grief, wonder and elation, is what speaks to your audience; the substance of life and the human condition. Coaching my students towards this quality in their singing is both rewarding as it is essential.

The easily forgotten side of singing is the spiritual and self-awareness part of performing. In many students I see blocks in their “inner game” in the form of self-criticism, doubt in abilities or themselves as a whole, or even just an underlying anxiety or tension that wants to get everything perfect and right. Whether you sing for pleasure or its your profession, inner balance is an essential part of becoming a confident and consistent singer, that is able to handle the stresses and pressures of singing on stage. Spiritual connection is one of the keys to unlocking this balance and allows a singer to bring their best in every moment.

Each student is different and my one-on-one lessons are tailored to suit what a student needs most.

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