African Oz Drum 'n' Dance

Odai’s performance career began after watching local performers training near his house one afternoon and was intrigued by the sense of power and pride emanating from their singing, drumming and dancing. He loved the energy and sense of belonging he felt when he heard the drums speak and saw the dancers respond to their powerful rhythms. It was a language he wanted to learn. It was then that Odai decided that he wanted to be a performer.

At twelve years old Odai began training under the guidance of elders and learnt to play various instruments, including the kpanlogo, talking drum, djembe, pan flute, dun duns, fonton fon, bell and shaker. In addition to learning these instruments Odai trained arduously in learning the intricate and complex movements of traditional Ghanaian dance. Odai’s talent was recognised very early on and he was invited to travel to America with Nii Tettey Tetteh and his high profile performance group the Kusun ensemble.

Odai is a sought after performer and teacher, known for his energetic and engaging personality. Odai brings the spirit of Africa to all performances through uplifting rhythms and passion for sharing his culture. With over fifteen years experience as a performer and ten years as an educator in both Ghana & Australia Odai is a professional of the highest standard.

Details last updated on November 16, 2016