Aha Music School

Musical discoveries and "AHA!" moments while you learn from practical experience.

Aha Music School offers individual saxophone and piano lessons for students of all ages and levels. Aha Music School aims to apply it's philosophy of creating a well rounded and progressive musical education that is tailored to each students abilities and musical goals.

General areas of study for saxophone and piano lessons include: technique, reading and writing music notation, repertoire, jazz, pop, rock, blues, theory, harmony, rhythm & counting, improvisation, composition, aural skills, and AMEB & VCE exam repertoire and preparation.

The first lesson for beginners and first time students will be a trial lesson. The trial lesson will give students the opportunity to try out the saxophone or piano and meet the teacher before committing to full term lessons.

Aha Music School also offers 5-week Pop/Rock/Jazz Piano Courses for Singers, Pianists & other Instrumentalists who would like to learn how to acompany themselves while they sing; learn more about chords and harmony; prepare for VCE & AMEB Aural & Theory exams; or just play for fun.

About the name "Aha Music School":

You may be wondering what's with the name "Aha Music School". Well once explained, you may just have an "Aha!" moment. An "Aha" moment is often described as the personal experience of gaining sudden insight or understanding into a problem or concept that has been regarded as incomprehensible or baffling. In my experience, this sums up the process of learning about harmony and improvisation, and creating music.

The Philosophy:

The philosophy of Aha Music School is to provide a practical musical education full of "Aha!" moments by presenting new concepts and ideas in a clear, concise, progressive, and logical format. The ultimate aim of my piano courses and instrumental lessons is to pass on the necessary skills and knowledge needed for students to continue to explore, learn, and teach themselves how to play their instruments and create music.

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Lesson Prices:
20 min - $28
30 min - $41.50
45 min - $62
60 min - $83

Details last updated: February 3, 2023