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“Petrina Bishop, Perth’s Premiere Vocal Specialist”
Tony Serve, Radio Announcer, 6PR

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Vocal Coach

Professional performer Petrina Bishop focuses on private classical training, finding it incredibly rewarding passing on her passion & knowledge of music as a vocal coach.
She teaches privately from her home in Ardross, W.A. Petrina has been teaching singing to all ages for the last 16 years. Students have achieved many accolades under her tutelage. Some have gone on to further their studies at the Western Australia Academy of Performing Arts & U.W.A. Music, while others are performing professionally on a national and international level.
Singing lessons are classically based so all genres can be explored allowing the student to achieve the best from their voice.

Music Theory Jam Sessions

Music Theory is an essential element when learning a musical instrument! Its very own language!
Often when the chosen instrument is singing, music theory is frequently overlooked, in the student’s formative years, causing struggle for the young musician when needing to apply it practically.
Teaching classical voice for nearly 16 years and working within the professional entertainment industry for 40, has given me the appreciation of having this aspect of music introduced to me! It has given me a strong musical foundation & contributed to me going from an amateur singer to a professional performer, permitting me to confidently stand side by side next to fellow professional musicians.
There is nothing worse when the Musical Conductor requests a musical requirement, and you’re the only one in the room who has no idea what they’re asking of you.
The conductor is frustrated, the musicians have lost all respect for you, and the producer is furious, as this has extended the rehearsal into overtime, and time is money.
Therefore, AKANNA Entertainment has launched Music Theory Jam Sessions bringing a practical element to it, specifically designed for vocalists!
These sessions transfer music theory from one dimensional to three. Taking it off the page, translating it for the vocal instrument, showing how it works within the music industry.
Feel free to book a private session or get a few friends along!

School Holiday Vocal Critique Workshop: Youth

Classically trained professional performer Petrina Bishop is offering an exciting opportunity to attend a specialised vocal critique workshop.
Within this workshop Petrina Bishop will critique and implement new technique into the voice, allowing a stronger foundation and new sounds realised within the persons instrument.
Each participant will have individual time spent with Petrina, with a song pre-chosen by the partaker, allowing Petrina Bishop to fully concentrate on the voice.
The other members will sit in, and be spectators to each other’s time with Petrina Bishop, so learning can continue.

Tuesday, 22nd January 2019: 3.00pm – 4.00pm
Venue: Ardross
Minimum Spaces Available.

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