Alejandro Florez

Alejandro began his journey with the guitar at the age of 17 and was mentored by a close friend in the art of Flamenco. He has since performed throughout Australia, New Zealand, Asia and Europe.

Renowned for his sensitivity, lyrical melodies and exploration of new sounds, Alejandro has been sought after by different musicians for session work and contributed to several collaboration albums. He was a member of Santos for nearly 10 years. The band produced the popular album Moliendo Café, toured widely and performed at star-studded functions by Louis Vuitton and Moët & Chandon.

In 2009, Alejandro established Solquemia as a means of experimenting with different sounds and instrumentation, both solo and in collaboration with other musicians. Solquemia means “the alchemical energy from the sun” in Spanish and reflects Alejandro’s distinctive musical style and philosophy. Alejandro’s debut album, Solquemia, released in 2010, consisted of original compositions with influences from the music of Spain and Latin America. His second album, Limonera, recorded in 2012, was a multicultural collaboration with fellow Melbourne musicians. Alejandro composed both the music and lyrics of the songs, using an evocative Turkish poem as inspiration. Both albums capture the essence of Alejandro’s Spanish guitar.

Northcote, VIC
0400 888 993


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