Alejandro Florez

Alejandro Florez began playing at 17, and soon was mentored by close friend and flamenco guitarist, Juan Martinez. Given the opportunity to perform early on, he quickly realised that this was his way of life. Alejandro, having played extensively around Australia and overseas with the Santos Guitar Trio, established Solquemia in 2009 as a means of presenting his original music to the public. Alejandro's debut album, SOLQUEMIA, was independently released in 2010. It consists of his original compositions with influences from the music of both Spain and Latin America. His second album, LIMONERA, was launched in 2012 as the result of his multicultural collaboration with local artists. Alejandro in his second project integrated traditional Turkish lyrics to his original music, referenced typical flamenco forms and penned lyrics for the singer to bring the second evolution to his Solquemia concept.
As of late, Alejandro has focused his efforts on his home town of Melbourne, returning to his inspiration to first pick up the guitar; Flamenco. After recently studying in Spain again, he performs locally and regularly in regional Victoria with the Lewis Florez guitar duo and as guitarist for Senes Flamenco dance ensemble. He has collaborated with guitarist Sergio Ercole with shows at Paris Cat Jazz club and regional wineries. Alejandro is an in-demand flamenco guitar teacher and frequently sought after as a sessional recording artist.

Strathmore, VIC
0400 888 993
Northcote, VIC
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