Alex has been my singing teacher for the past 3 years and has helped improve my skillset tremendously. He has always been very patient with me and flexible with my various projects. I really appreciate all the help he has given me and is continuing to do so, most of my success has been heavily supported by his direction and help.
I really enjoy my lessons, not only is he a great teacher but he is also a lovely, kind person. After each lesson with him I feel as though I have improved dramatically. I was really fortunate to find such a great singing teacher and I would encourage anyone looking for singing lessons to contact him.

- Emily

Alex has been tutoring my 16 year old daughter for the last few years in various types of singing such as Classical music, Jazz, contemporary and musical theatre. He has helped her accomplish her AMEB exams and she is currently working on her Grade 8 Musical Theatre exam. Alex is a fantastic tutor with a lot of experience and enthusiasm and has been extremely helpful in improving her technique and stage presence. I would highly recommend Alex for any singer who wishes to improve their technique greatly and gain confidence in their singing.

- Leigh-Ann

After suffering a classic vocal process granuloma and losing my voice it was recommended by the specialist to attend voice training (among other controls such as low acid diet and reflux management) to avoid the need for surgery.
It seemed strange that an older ‘baby boomer’ should now need voice training, however the specialist could not guarantee that my voice would not be damaged after surgery and so I sought assistance from Alex.
My voice has returned better than ever and Alex has shown me techniques to reduce strain on my vocal chords, hit upper register notes better than ever and round out my singing capability. I am looking forward to extending my singing skills with Alex and learning more singing genres now the granuloma has gone

- David

One of the things you notice very quickly with Alex is his positive attitude and passion for teaching. Everybody learns in a different way and if you don't get it the first time, he rephrases again and again until you're able to cross that hurdle you've had for years. In the short time I've been with him there has been a marked improvement in the quality of my voice, both at the top of my range and at the very bottom. He has been a fantastic teacher for me and my wife.

- Ben

Alex is a very patient and encouraging teacher. He's not afraid to have a bit of fun during lessons, but is always focusing on how you can improve. I've already been able to hear and feel the difference in my voice, and have been able to reach notes I thought were impossible for me. He focuses on every aspect of singing and ensures that you develop to be the best that you can be.

- Michelle

Alex is a natural teacher. He has an amazing ability to teach and challenge you in a way that is always relaxed and fun. He has an exceptional breadth of knowledge and passion for singing that comes across in every lesson. I can't recommend Alex highly enough!!

- Julie

I've been getting lessons with Alex for just over 1 year now and couldn't recommend him highly enough.
In my experience with Alex I've found his style of teaching to be personally catered to the individuals needs no matter what the style or level.
He's very knowledgable and can convey that in a simple and easy to understand way.
He has many different approaches to all aspects of singing and a great way of working in with you, pinpointing the little things, troubleshooting on what works for you and what doesn't, and finding the best way possible to help you be the singer you want to be, all within a welcoming, comfortable and fun environment.

- Nick

I have worked with 7 vocal teachers over the past ten years and without doubt Alex is the best I've met. He possesses detailed technical expertise which is well matched by his curiosity and commitment to providing the best teaching for his students. Best of all is his sympathy for what students are trying to achieve as he will strive to give you what you want from your lessons and work on music outside the normal vocal teacher repertoire.
You can't go wrong!

- Robert

I feel blessed to have Alex as my vocal coach. Alex has a true passion and love of music and has been an amazing teacher for me over the last few years. His vast knowledge, patience, and encouragement has inspired me to become the best musician I can be. Music is always fun when working with Alex. I would highly recommend Alex to anyone who is looking for a music teacher. Paul O’Shea (02.07.2019)

- Paul