Alien Guitar Secrets

  • 10 yrs teaching experience

"  Whether you are a complete beginner, intermediate or an advanced guitar player, I believe the essential skills of learning to play the guitar are picking, strumming, chords, scales, learning to read tablature (minimum), as well as learning a wide variety of songs to better understand the above essential skills in practice.
But these essential skills alone will only take you so far.
As a teacher I believe that there is so much more that I can teach a student about the guitar, such as the 'Diatonic Modes' and 'Pitch Axis Theory' as well as Chord Construction.
I can also teach you all of the  shredding techniques, licks and tricks, such as finger tapping, string skipping, arpeggios and sweep picking, alternate and tremolo picking, and have a mental encyclopedia of sequential patterns and runs that will last you lifetimes, however, most important of all, I teach my students how to combine all of these techniques and truly connect with their inner guitar player.
My belief is that Music is the essence of our existence, it permeates through us

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