Alien Guitar Secrets

Styles Rock, Blues, Metal
Skill Level Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced
Suitability Ages 8 to 99 years
Pricing $50per 30mins or $100 per 60 mins

And welcome to Alien Guitar Secrets.
Here at Alien Guitar Secrets we are committed to helping and guiding you scale the highest peaks of guitar playing.
Founder of Alien Guitar Secrets Rob Lobasso, started playing the guitar at age 7, and has over 30 years playing experience. He has been teaching the guitar for over 10 years.
Rob Lobasso's influences are wide and varied, from the pioneering style of Jimi Hendrix, to the spell- binding flair and compositional skills of Steve Vai , Rob has an incredible wealth of knowledge, and a vast array of licks and tricks that he can show you which are used by the pros. The secrets of shredding, include sweep, alternate and tremolo picking; string skipping; finger tapping; legato and Staccato Sequential patterns, and trills.
After many years of honing his craft, Lobasso has combined this technical knowledge with an exceptional understanding of Pitch Axis Theory and developed a unique approach to teaching these techniques of those master Virtuoso's that he calls mentors.

Suite 5 & 6
846 Pittwater Rd
Dee Why, NSW
0420 390 372

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Details last updated on January 20, 2018