Clarinet Lessons

Skill Level Advanced
Suitability Ages 5 to 12 years
Pricing $30 half an hour

I have been a music teacher for 15 years and I am currently 31 years old. I am a qualified paediatric Occupational Therapist and have worked with children for many years in a variety of settings.

My passion is to teach young children and provide them with a foundation for the future.

I believe that music is a basis for a solid developmental journey. Music allows children to create neural pathways, increase emotional awareness, assist with creativity and increase co-ordination and IQ. Music help children with maths and sport and research says that children who learn music have a higher IQ and are more emotionally stable.

My focus is for music to be fun and tailored to the child for optimum learning. I teach foundation learning skills and explore the approach the child and parent would like to take.

Portrush Road
Adelaide, SA
Also travelling in the local area
0422 849 045

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