Alvin Zhu

Hi, I'm Alvin. I'm currently studying at university, in my fourth year to become a primary school teacher.

Music is fun, enjoyable and a part of everyday life. The piano is a wonderful and unique instrument, and learning to play it is something that you will cherish for the rest of your life. You will be able to perform for yourself and others, and share music with your family, loved ones and friends. It is also great for relaxation, can help with cognitive function and is very easy and enjoyable to learn and will allow for greater appreciation and enjoyment of music in general.

I have played piano for essentially my entire life, completed grades and it is something that I love, am very passionate about and really enjoy. I want to spread my passion and love for the instrument with those that want to learn.

Sutherland, NSW
Also travelling in the local area


Details last updated on February 16, 2021