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Alyson Murray

General Details

Bachelor in Fine Arts, Contemporary Music

Awarded winning musician Alyson Murray, a Melbourne, Australia based Soul and RnB singer songwriter.

In 2016-17 Alyson was based in New York, performing and recording her debut Album.
Prior to this move she was the lead singer for Melbourne band Melaluka. Now venturing into a solo career Alyson’s been working on her next project ‘Breath’ to be released in 2018. Working with Michael Olatuja, a British/Nigerian composer, arranger, producer and bassist along side sound engineer Ted Tuthill and renowned musicians including pianist Jon Cowherd, drummer Lee Pierson and guitarist Nir Felder.

Alyson has featured on numerous tracks by fellow Australian artists including ‘The Flipside’ by Melbourne hip-hop artist, Maundz, and ‘Anotha Dollar Anotha Day’ by Sydney rapper, Rates.
In addition to this, Alyson released her first solo EP ‘Integrity’ in 2013, first single ‘On My Way’ in 2014, single ‘It’s Taken A While’ in 2016 and Alyson was sponsored by Primo Moraitis to compose and launch a single entitled ‘Carry On’ for the Royal Children’s Hospital, with all the profits going towards the Leukemia Auxiliary 2015.

Alyson has received a review from Australian journalist, record producer and musical entrepreneur, Molly Meldrum. “Alyson is a young, beautiful bright and very talented young lady, with a big heart and an angelic voice.” – Ian ‘Molly’ Meldrum. Alyson also received reviews on her Gifted Showcase performance by singer songwriter Candice Jay, New York “Alyson has a very versatile voice. I love the Jazz influence in her voice and she has great vocal tone. I enjoyed hearing her runs and scatting.. The audience grooved with Alyson.”

Alyson is a diverse performer, with choral, musical theatre and solo performing experience. Alyson has performed at Bennetts Lane Jazz Club (Melbourne), Federation Square with the Victorian College of the Arts for Melbourne Jazz Festival 2015, guest appearance at Bondi Rumba in Sydney, AU 2015, Rockwood Music Hall in New York, Zinc Jazz Club, New York 2016, and Grumpy’s Club in Montreal, Canada 2013 just to name a few. Alyson was apart of FemVox in 2015, an all female production directed by Australian Award winning, Arts Practitioner Dr Donna Jackson. Alyson was a member of the Australian Girls Choir for 7 years and had insolvent in ‘Boy From Oz, Hugh Jackman’ and the ‘I Still Call Australia Home’ Qantas Advertisement. Awarded an Outstanding Potential award from the Australian Girls Choir in 2008 and in 2013 Alyson Murray was Awarded a scholarship from the Agnes Robertson foundation for Contemporary Music.

These details were last updated on August 16, 2017