Recorded accompaniment tracks

This year, due to COVID restrictions, I have been recording accompaniment tracks for teachers and students to use for their recorded exams. These recordings have been very popular as they are tailored to each student’s performance tempo and individual musical expression.

If you get stuck for live accompaniment, or simply if any of your students prefer, I can make them beautiful recordings of the piano accompaniment part of their pieces. These tracks can be produced very quickly.

Although it’s great to have the experience of performing live with another musician, in the current environment that’s not easy. Fortunately, playing with a personalised recording has several advantages:

  • The cost of having accompaniment tracks made works out cheaper than working with an accompanist face-to-face for the rehearsal and performance process

  • Students can rehearse with the accompaniment tracks every day

  • Slow practice versions of the recordings are available

  • There’s no need to have a piano where you rehearse or record the exam (all you need is a speaker and your phone)

  • You have the freedom to record the exam as many times as the student needs without the limitations of the accompanist’s availability

  • Recordings don’t get sick! With the current COVID restrictions, an accompanist would be unable to play if they have even slight symptoms

Hopefully this will really help you and your students.

Please get in touch if you have any questions or would like to hear a sample of my work.

St Ives, NSW
0401 874 455

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Details last updated on September 24, 2020