Piano lesson

Styles Classical
Skill Level Post-Graduate
Suitability Ages 4 to 70 years
Pricing $46/30min or $84/60min

Beginner to Tertiary level piano lessons, children and adult piano course.

Learn on Yamaha Grand and Shigeru Kawai Grand pianos.

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15 years of teaching experience. Free lesson if you were unhappy by the end of first lesson.

I love music and I love science, but most of all, I love teaching.
These are the services that I provide:

Injury prevention and recovery: Approximately 80% of professional musicians develop pain and injury due to everyday activities or from playing. I will work with health professionals to help you recover faster and find a compensatory mechanism of playing. I will also provide education in the anatomy and physiology of piano playing and help you analyze movements in your technique.


  1. The fun piano lesson that kids love. My goal is to enrich the child’s environment through musical learning. I’m sure you have heard ‘music makes you smarter’. Not necessarily true, but learning music helps to create more connections in your brain that helps you or your child to learn easier.

  2. Adult piano lesson. As above, music helps to keep your brain cells connected, and therefore have some neuroprotective capabilities (as it is often reported). Other than this goodies, music is fun, + you get to show off on dinner parties.

  3. Once playing is comfortable, we can prepare for examinations; AMEB, Trinity or ABRSM. I can take students at any grades or diploma level.

Advance and Tertiary Students:
4. Preparing for A.Mus.A or Diploma can be tough. Balanced repertoire and choosing the repertoire that brings out your strength will help you excel.

  1. I am based in Kingsford and able to take students from UNSW piano majors.

Other Services:
(This service is not a substitute for a healthcare provider and I will be acting as my capacity of a piano teacher)
6. Mid-advance student healthy playing. Unfortunately, most (40%-80%) of piano students (as suggested by multiple studies) at advance level suffer some level of pain and discomfort due to rigorous repetitive practice. However, education and other preventative measures could lower that risk. I will try and help to analyze the cause of discomfort and find better ways for you to play that piece.

  1. Special needs students. I am experienced in teaching special needs students (child and adult). I have worked with Global Developmental Delay, ADD, ASD and Traumatic Brain Injury students. I will also be able to collaborate with health professionals to provide safe learning environment that complements their recovery

  2. Injured pianist looking for an alternative technique. Finger injuries such as mallet finger or boutonniere's deformity may require compensatory technique. I can also liaise with healthcare professionals for other playing-related musculoskeletal injuries such as RSI or carpal tunnel, by adjusting repertoire and technique.

Lesson Fees (Excl. travel fee)
(Current recommended hourly rate by Music Teachers Association is $92 per hour)

30 min – 46
45 min – 66
60 min – 84
90 min – 120
(Disc. available for multiple lessons per week)
(Other services may have a small additional charge)

I am fluent in English, Indonesian, Hokkien
Conversational: Javanese, Mandarin, Cantonese

Kingsford, NSW
Also travelling in the local area
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Maroubra, NSW
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Travelling in the local area
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Details last updated on March 7, 2021