Amy Wang

  • AMEB Flute Practical Grade 3
  • AMEB Flute Practical Grade 5
  • AMEB Flute Practical Grade 7

Hi! My name's Amy and I'm a 2016 high school graduate from the Queensland Academy for Creative Industries, specialising in music. I have completed and passed my grade 3, 5 and 7 AMEB flute practical exams, as well as grade 3 theory.

I am open to teaching grade 1 theory, as well as beginner flautists (grade 1 - 4 AMEB flute prac) around Brisbane. Please note that I will teach repertoire (as well as techniques), however I don't do the enrolling admissions into AMEB exams.

I charge $25.00 for 30mins, and $40 for one hour. A service fee may apply if I am travelling to the student's home. Please contact me (preferably through email) for more information.

Details last updated on January 25, 2017